3 Steps to get Job as a Fresher

In this blog, we address a common problem faced by fresh graduates “How to get a job as a fresher.” Only few students get a job on the college campus. Others should search for jobs by off campus recruitment.

Students are casual until they are in college. They realize to get a decent job just few months before their degree is over. Because they don’t have enough exposure, it becomes difficult to get a job. They post their resumes on most of job portals. Many of them went up to companies and handed over their resumes. After a few months, they are extremely frustrated and depressed as they have not received any calls from companies

Here are some steps to follow till they get a good job. It’s not difficult to get a job.

Update your Technical Skills

The interviewer knows you as a fresher. He can only test your academic knowledge and the projects you’ve accomplished in the college era. Please refresh all of your academic subjects. Identify the subjects appropriate to your job search, concentrate on those subjects

Prepare to explain about your college project. If the project was carried out by a team, understand the overall picture of the project and make sure what is your contribution to the project.

Practice all the programs in case if you are looking for software jobs. Most of the freshers resume looks comparable, containing computer languages studied as a part of academic degree. Identify evolving software technologies, start learning, exercise few program. Express in the interview time that you know these programs. This way you can differentiate from other candidates.

Prepare your resume crisp

Job recruiters don’t have time to go through your complete resume to know your potential. create your resume that briefly highlights your knowledge and skills. Additional learning other than your academic subjects helps complete your resume and distinguish it from other resumes. Add projects that you have practiced as a part of your learning. Add Github link in your resume to help interviewer to validate your programming abilities.

Make sure you comprehend all the components of your CV. Remove all data about which you are not sure or not confident. Don’t just add that to make a image like you know a lot of things. You will be caught at the time of the interview.

Practice for the interview

The interviewer may conduct interviews for a line of candidates. You are asked to show your skills and knowledge in a short span of time. Most applicants prepare answers for the interview questions. Curate may reject even if you answer to all questions correctly.

Interviews are not your examination at the college. Interviewer checks how you respond, how you think if a problem is placed in front of you, how you take control of the interview and convince them. Your introduction is very important. The introduction answer must be prepared very well in advance. I’m going to explain about introduction in detail in another post.

All the best for your job search

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