How to prepare resume as a fresher

A resume is a self advertisement to discover prospective employers interested in your ability and capacity and paying monthly checks for the committed work you do. A resume should represent what you expect from the employer rather than what you have or what you can. A resume is the face of your professional life in your job hunt.

As a member of Interview Panel, I have seen hundreds of resume that comes to me for screening. Freshers resumes will be one among the few standard templates. These resumes will not attract recruiters to call for interviews.

I wrote this  article on how to create an attractive and meaningful resume that appeals to employers seeking a candidate like you.

Don’t use a generic template

Most of the freshers resume are in a similar format containing contact information, objectives, educational qualification, computer knowledge, projects, internship, paper presentation, awards, hobbies, interests, personal details and declaration.

Resumes are created by coping from others and posted even not fully checked once. Your resume is your identity. Your resume should be identical. Pay attention when creating your resume.

Easy to find Contact Information

Your contact information should be in the correct format and easy to locate in  your resume. Add contact information such as your name, mobile number, email id. You can add the postal address at the end of resume as it is not preferred method of communication.

Choose the correct font and size to notice and read your name easily. Add your mobile number in normal format and it’s simple to read. Improper font and size lead to few digits being missed by recruiter when calling.

Your email id should be simple and decent. Create a new email id if there are fancy words in your email id. This will spoil your image with the interviewer. Create your email id from well known domains such as google, yahoo and so on. If you are working, don’t use your current company email id, your company may block emails.

Objectives that suite for you

Most of the resumes contain objectives copied from other resumes. Please read the objective and update according to your skills. Please remember the objective in your resume. If the interviewer asks, you should say the same thing. If you don’t feel comfortable, remove the objectives from your resume. It is optional.

Summary of your skill

Summary is very important section in your resume. Write the summary in points instead of writing a paragraph. Don’t write your summary more than 5 points unless it is required. This should have your qualification, experience, knowledge and skills, your focus on nature of work.

The recruiter reads the summary and chooses to call for interview most of the times. Keep it easy and simple to understand. Remember to add all keywords that recruiters are looking for.

Academic details

Resume should contains full information of your education including certificate courses if any. Not all the recruiters all looking for top ranking schools. Provide complete information such as your degree, college name, marks percentage, year of pass etc. Recruiter may be looking for particular requirements that suites with your resume. Don’t try to hide any information, that will mislead and be rejected after the interview.

Remove unrelated information to the job

Your resume should focused on what kind of job you are looking for. Information such as hobbies and interest should be removed unless it is relevant to the job. Information such as watching television, playing cricket, swimming, listening to music, etc. can mislead your personalities.

Brief on Personal information

Keep brief about your personal information. Information like your passport number, aadhar number, pan number will result in somebody being misused.


If you add declaration in your resume, make sure you are signing.  Otherwise don’t include declaration in the resume.

Here I described  the most common section from the traditional freshers resume format. Please add in the comment section, if you need any clarification and want to provide your valuable suggestions .

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