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Format Specifiers in C with examples

Format specifiers in C informs the compiler about the data type of a variable when reading inputs with scanf() function and printing output with printf() function. The format specifiers in C with range determine the data type of a variable in input and output operations. For example, the format specifier

List of Format Specifiers in C

The list of format specifiers in C covers the different data formats of variables that are read with the scanf() function to read data and printed with the printf() function. The list of format specifiers in c contains several data formats for data types such as char, string, int, float,

Types of Operators in C language with examples

In C, operators are symbols that instruct the compiler to do an operation such as an arithmetic operation, logical operation, relational operation, bitwise operation, and so on. In programming languages such as C, C++, mathematical operators are used to accomplish these operations. The types of operators in C are arithmetic

What are arithmetic operators give example?

In C, arithmetic operators are used to perform mathematical arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and mod. The arithmetic operators are applied to two operands. The operators will add up the values, remove them, multiply them, and divide them. The arithmetic operation on the first operand will be