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Format Specifiers in C

The format specifiers in C language notify the compiler about the data type of a variable during input and output operations. The compiler can determine what kind of data is in a variable by using the format specifier in C when using the scanf() and printf() function to read and

List of Format Specifiers in C

C Language has many format specifiers. A variable with a data type can be printed using different format specifiers. For example, a integer variable can be printed as decimal number, octagonal number and hexadecimal number. List of Format Specifiers in C The following example illustrates how to print a variable

Operators in C Language

C Language provides a rich collection of operators. Here in this post we will see the operators supported in C-language, type of operators and precedence of operators Operators in C Operators use one or more operands to perform an action. Operators are symbols that inform to the computer to carry