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C Language

First Simple Program in C Language

Program to print Hello World This Program prints a simple statement. Whatever given within the double quotes inside the printf()

Comments in C Language

Comments are written in a c program that is not compiled and executed in c language. Comments are used to

Keywords in C Language

The keywords in the c programming language are reserved words that have specific meaning while compiling. These keywords are not

Data Types in C Language

The data type in c is nothing but type of a data. Each data type has a predefined memory size.

Format Specifiers in C

In C language, format specifiers notify the compiler about the data type of a variable during input and output operations.

List of Format Specifiers in C

C Language has many format specifiers. A variable with a data type can be printed using different format specifiers. For

Operators in C Language

C Language provides a rich collection of operators. Here in this post we will see the operators supported in C-language,

Arithmetic Operators in C

Arithmetic operators are used to perform mathematical arithmetic operations. such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and mod operation. C Language supports