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Java Basics

Initialize an Arraylist in one line

In Java, you can initialize an array list in one line by using array literals and stream literals. Use the Arrays.asList(), List.of(), and Stream.of() APIs to create an array list in a single line. Use the Array class apis to convert an array to a list. The list will be initialised by converting

How to split a String in Java with Delimiter

In Java, the split() method splits a string based on a given regular expression and returns a string array. The split method divides a string depending on a string delimiter defined as a regular expression. This method returns a string array after splitting against the specified regular expression. Using String.split method

Error: Could not find or load main class

Error: Could not find or load main class error occurs if java could not find or load the main class, or if an error occurred when loading the main class. The main class could not be loaded because the java class specified in the java command could not be found.