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How to create executable jar file in Spring Boot

Spring boot allows to create executable jar files using maven by configuring in the pom.xml file. The maven package command builds the spring boot application and creates executable and non-executable jar files in the target folder. The executable jar can be launched with a java command without the need for

How to read properties file outside jar in Spring Boot

Spring boot can to read properties files from outside jars that contains application configurations in key-value pairs. The externalised properties files are not part of the application jar can be linked dynamically in the command line arguments. The external properties files are saved outside of jar, which is loaded and read when

How to read multiple external properties file in Spring Boot

Spring boot can read multiple external properties files via command line arguments that can be either a file path or a class path. The numerous external properties files might be found in a single directory or in multiple locations. The spring boot application configures multiple external properties files using the

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