Other Issues

Other Issues


cURL is a powerful command-line tool used for transferring data between servers, including HTTP requests and responses. It supports various protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and many others. In this blog post, we will focus on using cURL to make a JSON POST request. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a

How do I get a YouTube Video Thumbnail from the YouTube API?

To get a YouTube video thumbnail via the YouTube API, you must first obtain a YouTube video id, which allows you to retrieve various YouTube video thumbnails. You may access video thumbnails in various sizes and resolutions using the YouTube API. You can get video thumbnails, captions, descriptions, ratings, statistics,

How to undo last local commit in Git

The best way to undo the last local commit in Git is to use git reset command with options like —soft, —hard, which will undo the most recent git local commit with or without keeping the local file modifications. The git reset command restores local to the previous commit point,

Missing artifact Maven

In maven, missing artifact error in pom.xml is due to dependency download problem. The error in pom.xml “missing artifact maven” occurs when the artifact is missing in local repository and remote repository. In eclipse, missing artifact maven error shows in the programs window. Maven is a software tool for building

Warning: Overriding managed version – Maven

Maven is a widely used software development tool used in Java-based applications. Maven is commonly used in spring boot applications. The “Overriding Managed Version” warning message is shown in the maven when a new dependency is created in the pom.xml file. As this is a warning message, the developers will

Duplicating managed version

The Duplicated Managed Version warning message is due to the dependency that has been added more than once to the Maven POM.xml. If you open the pom.xml file, you may see the dependency once. But the warning message will be displayed as below. The Duplicating Managed Edition warning message is