Spring Tool Suite ( STS IDE ) is widely used as an IDE to create an application using spring boot. We need to have Spring Tool Suite download, installed on your system or laptop to start with Spring Boot. Here we explain how to download Spring Tool Suite, how to install Spring Tool Suite and how to run the Spring Tool Suite on your system or laptop.

Spring Tool Suite Download & Install

Sprint Tool Suite is freely available as a customized version of Eclipse. It can be downloaded from the link https://spring.io/tools. Go to this download link and download the latest stable release of the Spring Tool Suite for your operating system.

Spring Tool Suite 4 Download

Spring Tool Suite 3 Download

Spring Tool Suite Installation

For windows, you can download the Zip file from the website. After downloading the zip file, extract to a folder in your system. The zip contains an application exe “sts.exe”. This is the Spring Tool Suite’s starting file. Create a file shortcut so you can easily run this application. To run the Spring Tool Suite IDE, click this sts.exe file.

You can download a dmg file for the Mac operating system. Download and run the dmg file. After installation, you can see an STS file in the application folder. Go to the application folder to start the Spring Tool Suite IDE, run STS.

A tar.gz file can be downloaded for Linux. On your linux machine, install tar.gz. Sts is the command to start the Spring Tool Suite.

Configure Workspace on Windows

Configure workspace in Mac

STS Home Page

After the Spring Tool Suite is started, it opens like the window above. The title of the window will appear as “Spring Tool Suite”. “Package Explorer” is on the left. All files used in the spring boot application are displayed here. These files are grouped and displayed separately. The right side window is used to open the editors of files to write the code. The output is displayed in the “Console” window at bottom.

When we work on the Spring Boot application, we will see the available features in the Spring Tool Suite, how to configure various tools such as maven, github, gradle, etc. How to run, debug, and easily build the application. It also supports testing frameworks for spring boot applications such as JUnit, TestNG.

Let’s start with the Hello World Program spring boot application. Hope you enjoy this tutorial on the spring boot.

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